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Katie + Richard Wedding @Washington Banquet

Katie + Richard are not only gorgeous, but they are so in love that it's hard not to get giddy just watching them.

Watching Richard try not to miss a moment of his bride walking toward him at the ceremony, blinking away tears, and clearly overwhelmed with emotion, it makes one wish one knew that look just once in one's life for it to be whole.

The day was not only perfect in every way, but it was exactly the embodiment of this incredible love and its new beginning as one family.

If you love horses and country chic, this is a wedding you don't want to miss... If you love glamour and classy tradition, this wedding has it all. Here's to many amazing years to an amazing and beautiful couple, inside and out.

Cinematography: FromStartToFilm (
Cinematographers: Shawn Caple, Alessandra
Editor: Shawn Caple