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Jessica + Casey Highlight Film @Fairmount in Washington DC ❤

Jessica + Casey were meant to be together. Especially since Casey knew when he first set eyes on, then 9 year old, Jessica that he loved, excuse us, LIKED her. A lot. A WHOLE lot.

Set in the provincial Washington DC, this love story's 'Happily Ever After' started where many of the world's greatest leaders meet to decide the fate of the world; just as Casey knew his fate was to be with Jessica for as long as they both lived.

Full of fun, dancing, heartfelt speeches, and the beautiful Fairmount Hotel, this wedding is nothing less than wholesome family love on all sides.

Here's to the childhood sweethearts, Jessica + Casey, where their love is as beautiful as their long and fun relationship.

Cinematography: FromStartToFilm (
Cinematographers: Shawn Caple, Alessandra
Editor: Shawn Caple ❤