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Nicki + Michael's Sweeter Film @The Aldie Mansion ❤

September 6, 2014, The most exciting September day of 2014 for more than one reason. Between the thunderstorms, sunshine for the ceremony, back to lighting and thunder crackling over the glass dome while loved ones danced the night away... this wedding was full of love, laughter, nerves (for the weather cooperation!), and excitement (when the weather worked in our favor)!

Starting with the arrival of the bride, an exciting first look, and a perfect sunset ceremony, we could not have asked for anything more picture perfect. Through emotional vows of devotion + love, to the final ceremonial kiss, we were led into an awesome cocktail hour full of laughter, great speeches, + picturesque hor'dourves!

The exciting reception was no exception - except exceptional in terms of the fun + incredible dance moves captured for all of eternity! Here's to many beautiful + fun years to an amazing new family of Padilla's!

Cinematography: FromStartToFilm ( Shooters: Shawn Caple, Alessandra Editor: Shawn Caple ❤