What kind of Cameras do you use?

Our main cameras that we capture your Love Story on are our incredible High Definition 1080p Canon 5D Mark III.

Why are lens' important?

The types of lens' we use are important because our zoom lens' (70-200) keep us at a distance so that we can keep our distance and capture the moments as they happen without us interfering. We also have some top of the line cinema lens' (Duclos/Zeiss) that create the most incredible cinema scenes that are just breathtaking.


Why is Audio so important + how do you capture it?

Audio is vital to story telling. Vows, readings, speeches, and reading cards from one another help create your personality, story, and tell us + future generations all about you and your love for each other.

There are a few ways we capture audio, especially for back up in case something happens. First when capturing vows, speeches, and/or card readings we have a private self recording mic that we attach to the speaker. If they are using a microphone that hooks into the D.J.'s monitors we will have a back up recorder that patches into his set up so that we have a back up and can mix the audio in post for the best sound.


What makes Sweet Start so special?

If reading our reviews from our incredible couples isn't enough, a few highlights of what they say about us may help:

"What you  do is truly an art. You create beautiful love stories from just one day!" - Sara (MOB)

"Shawn and Alex are truly the most amazing videographers, couple, people, you will ever meet. Our wedding would not have been complete without them. They went above and beyond our expectations. My fiancé (now husband) was super hesitant about getting a videographer until he saw Sweet Starts beautiful work, he says they are worth every penny, and I agree! We are head over heels in love with our wedding video as well as our friends and family! They truly captured our day in such a beautiful way! We strongly recommend them to any couple looking for a videographer!" - Kate

"We are in love with the work that Shawn and Alex did for our wedding films!!! They were both so personable and made us feel so comfortable during the entire process. And, most of all they captured all of the amazing moments from our wedding day. We are so happy that we chose Sweet Start for our wedding films!!" - Allyson

"My husband and I are SO LUCKY to have found Alex and Shawn. They are seriously the best, most personable, and professional vendors we worked with during our entire wedding process. I literally cannot put into words how happy I am with their services. They are true artists..." - Gina

Do you use lighting?

Yes, we use lighting that we can control throughout the night. It is used to create a cinematic atmosphere and make your film even more beautiful. It also prevents you from looking green or orange and speckled depending on the lighting in the room by the D.J. or the up-lighting.

Why should I get a film?

This question applies to every type of film, not just wedding.

A film is an investment and repays you long after the sunset of your wedding day...

You will  watch this film and relive these moments forever + with generations to come. 

It is a time-capsule that shares your love story for all of eternity. Everyone will remember you and your love because it lives and breathes in your film.

If you want quality and epic cinematic story-telling, then Sweet Start is the only place you need to look to save your Love Story for all of eternity.

Do you have a drone?

YES! And, weather pending, we love using it every chance we get. No, it doesn't cost extra!

How intrusive are you? Do you constantly pose us, + will we constantly be aware of your presence?

Based on our reviews, you'll note that all of our couples write about how they barely noticed we were there at all.  This is why great lens' and zoom lens' are important. We are able to capture everyone like we are right there, but, really, we're out of the way and at a distance.

How do you choose your music?

We buy the copyrights to the music in your film so that no matter where you post your film, no one can take it down because of the music. The songs are bought specifically for your film and are good forever.

We use a variety of music copyright websites, but our favorite is Music Bed. If you would like to take a listen, or even give suggestions for songs you enjoy, we are happy to check out your style and match it with your love story.

So many times we watch other films for inspiration and are disappointed when we hear music that we know was not copyrighted to be used in the film. We all have the access to the perfect music to create your love story and all of the copyrights can be purchased for the film. When we see films that do not take that extra step, those companies are not only risking their own businesses, but they are also risking the films that were created in their names. In short, if they get caught using music illegally, you no longer have a wedding film online to share with your family, or you risk that cinematographer going out of business before your film is done due to legal implications. Definitely not worth it.

Do you have insurance?

You know we do! We are happy to provide documentation should you or your venue need it!

How many cameras do you use?

We use 3 cameras throughout the day. 3 are used during the ceremony, speeches, and during some of the dances (especially during the first dance + parent dances). Sometimes we'll break out our go-pros and get beautiful Timelapses if we have the time and the perfect shot.


See how we compare

Zero lighting, shakey cam shots, bad sound, not copyrighted music, zero story-telling

← Our "Sweeter" Film

2 Cinematographers
10 Hours
8-12 Minute Film

Their basic "Highlight" → 

1 Cinematographer
10 Hours
8 - 10 Minute 'Highlight'