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Megan + Kevin @The Carriage House in the Sparkling Snow Storm

When we met Megan on a hot summer afternoon in front of the famous Twin Kiss in South Jersey... we had no idea that come January 7, 2017 we would be in the middle of one of the biggest Snow Storms of the year!

While we were all nervous as we watched the snow storm get heavier and the sparkling crystals of the white snow blanket everything, we couldn't deny the gorgeous magic the weather created for this stunning wedding.

Grab some hot chocolate, get cozy in front of your fireplace, and let this incredible Love Story transport you to a Winter Wonderland.

Gorgeous Vineyard Wedding in Oregon

Jenna + Wren have known each other for a long time. Jenna, raised in Eugene got married to her soul mate surrounded by amazing friends + family. Wren, well known for his YouTube fame, is an awesome character on his own.

The combination of such beauty + with such a daring personality made for an incredible wedding.

This film was the first of many different techniques + a style perfectly fit for brilliantly awesome couple.