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Stoneback Family Film @Stoneback Family Estate

We are so freaking excited!

Last Thursday we spent the most wonderful afternoon with the most beautiful family!

Funny backstory, actually: this film has been in the plans for about four YEARS! Bayle contacted us in 2014 after seeing a few of our wedding films, and, having fallen in love with our style, wanted to figure out how we could work together to create a family film.

A weird fall (where everything died too quickly), a new pregnancy, then baby duty, left us still in contact every year, but no definitive plans...

Until Valentine's Day of this year - this is the year we were going to make it happen.

And, boy, did we! Not only does Bayle have incredible style and is enchantingly beautiful, so does and is the rest of her family!

Here, after four years of teasing, we finally got together on her TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY last Thursday, and we began to create their gorgeous family film full of love, laughter, and happily ever after:

The Stoneback Family Film

Here's to an eternity of love and joy with more to come! Happiest of Anniversaries, Bayle + Jason, and happy union to us for finally coming together to create something extra special. 

Here's to Bayle, Jason, Charlie, Parker, Reed, + Ford! Love you all so much ❤

Stephanie + Sean's Wedding Films @Bear Creek Mountain Resort ❤

October 5, 2014, a chilly, but magical day set in the picturesque Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

Beautiful wood details, epic cathedral ceilings... and, of course, cozy fireplaces perfect for a chilly day at the ski lodge with a mug of creamy hot chocolate!

Stephanie + Sean are clearly made for each other ❤ 

We knew that as soon as we met them and knew immediately that filming their wedding day would be an awesome honor... and it really, truly was 

Stephanie is the heart of their beautiful family, Chase (their beautiful son) is the sweetest bond, and Sean is the rock and strong arms that holds them all close together.

From the incredible golden sun filled ceremony, to the reception party of a lifetime, this wedding has it all! The fun and romantic blue and pink details, along with the soft romantic glow of the the twinkling lights that add a spark of magic to every moment of the sweet and fun reception.

End it with an amazing sparkler exit, and you have yourself a wedding that is not only special, but cozy, fun, and full of deep romantic love from all involved.

To many beautiful years with True Love, Mr. + Mrs. Tomlinson 

Cinematography: FromStartToFilm (
Shooters: Shawn Caple, Alessandra
Editor: Shawn Caple ❤

Nicki + Michael's Sweeter Film @The Aldie Mansion ❤

September 6, 2014, The most exciting September day of 2014 for more than one reason. Between the thunderstorms, sunshine for the ceremony, back to lighting and thunder crackling over the glass dome while loved ones danced the night away... this wedding was full of love, laughter, nerves (for the weather cooperation!), and excitement (when the weather worked in our favor)!

Starting with the arrival of the bride, an exciting first look, and a perfect sunset ceremony, we could not have asked for anything more picture perfect. Through emotional vows of devotion + love, to the final ceremonial kiss, we were led into an awesome cocktail hour full of laughter, great speeches, + picturesque hor'dourves!

The exciting reception was no exception - except exceptional in terms of the fun + incredible dance moves captured for all of eternity! Here's to many beautiful + fun years to an amazing new family of Padilla's!

Cinematography: FromStartToFilm ( Shooters: Shawn Caple, Alessandra Editor: Shawn Caple ❤

Even Sweeter Ever After...!

Oh my gosh! Less than a month after we release their wedding film, our Sweet Start Bride + Groom, Bree + Ryan have a super special announcement to make to their friends and family!

We're so lucky + blessed to be a part of the happiest moments in our couple's lives!

Congratulations, Bree + Ryan on your very exciting news! We love you two so much!

Sweet Happily Ever After

Sweeter Film ❤

Beautiful chalkboard art by our Sweet Start Bride's sister  ❤

Beautiful chalkboard art by our Sweet Start Bride's sister 

May, 25, 2014, The most beautiful spring day of 2014 for more than one reason.

The wedding of Bree + Ryan was one of the most blessed days we have ever had the pleasure to be a part. Set in the stunning Quakertown, Pennsylvania, our bride is not only super chic, but she and her groom are just so beautiful, inside + out!

Bree's love for God runs deep and shows up in beautiful ways...  ❤

Bree's love for God runs deep and shows up in beautiful ways... 

From the emotional Catholic ceremony to the fun + exciting reception held at The Blu restaurant (which was set in light blush and gold details, with the perfect amount of crystals) this affair was just amazing.

Ryan is one of those guys who will always be popular for being such a fun + nice guy, matched with Bree, whose beauty is only rivaled by her loving + good heart. These two are a seriously sweet couple + filming their wedding was its own blessing.

To many beautiful years with True Love, Mr. + Mrs. Davis♥

Final Act  ❤

Final Act 

Sweet Highlight ❤