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Meryem + Robert's Magical Love @The Elkridge Furnace Inn

If you love anything magical, owls, hawks, and being together, Always, then this is a wedding you do not want to miss... A ring-bearer with feathers and deadly accuracy, a ceremony greeter with big glossy eyes, who quietly chants 'who'? at the entrance...twinkling stars, and dancing all night... this is a seriously magical wedding!

May 21st, the most perfect day we could have ever asked for... soft fluffy clouds protected us all from the heat of the day... Then, as the day leaned forward, golden rays dripped in gently caressing us during the enchanting ceremony... 

Meryem and Robert are clearly a match made in heaven, with her beautiful voice, and choir there to share their angelic music while we waited with sweet anticipation for the beautiful ceremony to begin.

It is so magical to see such a beautiful pair come together, write their perfect vows to each other and swear love eternal.

These two are ready for any adventure that comes their way. And they are ready to do it together. Always ❤