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kim + sal sweetest feature @riverview, pa

Monday, September 7th, Labor Day... and also the most beautiful, fun, and loving day we ever worked! 

If you're looking for true love, big Italian families, exquisite beauty, and hot pink, then you have got to see this film! 

When we met these two, we already knew that this love story was going to be one for the books, and boy, were we right. 

We cannot get over the way Salvatore looks at his beautiful new wife, Kimberly... it is absolute magic.

Every shot of this love story is not only epic, but also gorgeous and so full of love that watching these two makes you fall in love with love.

They're the sweetest couple ever.

The amazing things the people who love them most say truly heart melting words.

Watch their love story come together into a film you will want to watch over and over again!