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Jess + Bill Sweetest Feature @Moyer Estate

Saturday, June 27, 2015... The rainiest day of the entire year fell on to the most beautiful outdoor wedding we've ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

If you love fantasy, romance, and anything mystical... this wedding proves that no amount of tragic weather is going to diminish any of those things. Step into this fantastical day and live the love, joy, and magic...

Like the rain slipping down the glass of the windowpane... so, too, will your tears of joy for this beautiful love story...

While the rain pitter-pattered and every worse case scenario played itself out, everything inside their gorgeous 100 year old farm house was peaceful, beautiful, and full of love...

The rain became a character, it became part of the story and the only reason mascara was running wasn't from the rain, but from tears of joy with these two amazing people coming together and creating their own perfect family.

This feature shows the fantasy of their beautiful property and their incredibly magical day.