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Alyssa’s 1st Birthday @The Brownstone, New Jersey ❤

Saturday, September 12, 2015... and most perfect day!

There is something magical about a little girl in a puffy pink tutu with sparkles glittering in the light, dancing in her hair...

Although little Alyssa has only just turned one year, she is sassy, fun, and full of so much joy it's contagious just watching her! She is gorgeous!

Hear her amazing story about how this incredible day came to be thanks to her gorgeous mother and incredibly loving and beautiful family.

If you love sparkles, giggles, ballerinas and everything magical, then this is a film you don't want to miss!

Party Planner: Dee Kay Events
Cinematography: FromStartToFilm ( | Sweet Start ❤
Shooters: Shawn Caple, Alex Caple
Editor: Shawn Caple ❤