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Gina + Chad's Gorgeous Garden Wedding

August 29th, 2015... The first wedding we filmed right after Shawn + My (Alex's) own wedding... and what an amazing to dive right back in.

We say it often, but these two, are truly two puzzle pieces made for each other. They are funny, smart, beautiful and truly kind. There are not enough positive words that could possible give them justice. In short, we love them!

The day started in a beautiful suite as Gina glowing in morning hues and soft white whisp of her satin bridal robe fluttering as laughter and joy filled the room. Meanwhile, Chad sat down for a game of Madden waiting for all of his boys to arrive.

Between the awesome and fun gifts to each other, the way the two stared deeply into each other's eyes, fully present, completely enjoying every moment of the day shared... it was a day that one could only nod and know that these two are meant to be forever.

Here is where the story of their beautiful married lives together all begins...