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Ben + Kate #GetMowry'd

On a gorgeous Friday, May 27th, 2016 we were blessed to all have become witness to such a beautiful Love Story.

Kate, with her incredibly breathtaking blue eyes, kind heart, and loving soul, is one of those brides that you  cannot take your eyes off of. Not only for her beauty, but her obvious kindness that exists in every fiber of her being. Kate is just one of those people you know will be your best friend no matter what.

Her love and devotion to Ben is not hard to see why. Ben is just as kind and generous in his friendship and love for his family, friends, and, of course, his stunning wife, Kate.

Their beautiful love story starts in a Pizza Joint... and their vows only highlight with the sharing  of a slice of pizza.

These two are originally adorable and perfect for each other in every way.

This is definitely one of those love stories that you don't want to miss!