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Nichole + Daniel's Wedding Highlight @Collingswood Ballroom ❤

April 17, 2015, the beginning of most perfect day of the wedding season! Perfect in not just weather! A Gorgeous Day for an absolutely beautiful wedding in Collingswood, New Jersey!
Nichole and Daniel are so amazing together. Nichole's contagious laughter and fun quirkiness, added so much fun to Danny's own awesomeness ❤
This day was so full of love and amazing people, no one wanted it to end!

These two are meant to be as two puzzle pieces in the whole world that fit together perfectly...

To many beautiful years with True Love, Mr. + Mrs. Carpenter ❤

Cinematography: FromStartToFilm ( | Sweet Start ❤
Shooters: Shawn Caple, Alessandra
Editor: Shawn Caple ❤