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Alison + Bernie's Sweet + Sweeter Film @Old Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, New Jersey ❤

July 24th, 2015... a magically beautiful day.

We remember it more vibrantly than any other as it was the last wedding we filmed before our own nuptials. 

The day was bright and sunny, the colors sharp and animated, the sounds... soft and tender.

Every moment of that day-especially those standing in the gorgeous Princeton cathedral-had us quivering at the beauty and love that surround us and this couple.

Alison is the most beautiful bride, elegant and serene, around those who love her...

Bernard... stoic and firm, but gentle and calm... until that moment when he sees his gorgeous bride walking toward him.

Shawn looked at me a moment nodding, this moment, epic in every way.

These films are absolutely magical and special in every way.

The fun Irish party side is the perfect balance to the soft tender moments shared by all.

These films are definitely one for the books!

A love story for generations to come!

To many magical years, Mr + Mrs Gallagher!

Cinematography: FromStartToFilm ( | Sweet Start ❤
Shooters: Shawn Caple, Alessandra
Editor: Shawn Caple ❤