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5 Tips on How to Handle Wedding Family DRAMA!

With Wedding season underway, you're sure to be inundated with obscene amounts of questions from "So, when's the wedding?" to "Are you sure about those colors?" (uhm, yes! I like them so I will make them work! Have you seen YOUR bathroom?!)

It is often said Weddings bring out the Best in people... and the Worst. And with families, you have to be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings... even when they are the one hurting yours. Who needs the drama?

So here are my 5 Tips on Dealing with the Drama:

5. Kill 'em with Kindness

Your fiance's best friend doesn't like you. Never has, but nothing you can say or do has fixed the situation. What do you do?
Simple: Kill 'em with Kindness. Really. Seriously. No matter what he (or she) may say or do, if you smile sweetly and nod politely, they won't have the ammo to attack you anymore... even if he (or she) says your dictating your future husband's life and he's worse off for it. If you're the sweetest kitten in the kitchen, ain't nobody gonna agree with him. Promise.

4. Listen First, then respond.

Everyone has an opinion. And when it comes to weddings, everyone knows better than you. Obviously. Especially Aunt Karen. She would know: She's been married 5 times already!
Okay, but seriously, maybe some people do have great advice. It never hurts to hear them out first. And if you don't agree, you don't have to take their advice. And if you learned something by listening, well, then. There ya go. You're welcome 

3. Get a planner

The hardest part about planning a wedding is making sure YOU get what you want. More often than not, brides feel like they have to please everyone all the time and accommodate every inconvenience at all times. No, baby. Today is about you. Let your planner make everything perfect. That's what you hired her for. And if you didn't, do it. This wedding is supposed to celebrate a whole new life for you. Enjoy every moment by giving up the reins and letting your planner take over.  

2. Love that Fiance of yours!

In the midst of all the planning and pinning on Pinterest, your fiance may start to feel pretty lonely. Especially since your whole family has decided to take over your free time by "helping". Every week take some time to cuddle and watch a movie, or go out and talk about your new life together- or even what kind of puppy you're getting once you buy your new home! It's nice being with him, isn't that why you two are tying the knot?

1. Enjoy yourself

Your wedding is coming up. Make time for YOU. Why not plan a spa day once a month? Get a mani (and pedi! Since you're there, might as well) while you continue to show off that *engagement* ring. Start an Engagement Journal so that all these moments planning you can really enjoy and take the time to reflect about why and how you want to celebrate joining your families and becoming one. Most importantly, though? ENJOY YOURSELF ❤


aa ❤