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You can't afford NOT to have a Cinematic Film

Why a Wedding Film? 

Many people don't know what moments are special until they have already passed, but it is well known that a wedding day will probably be one of the most planned and greatest events in many people's lives. 

Sweet Start Cinematic Wedding Films are an incredibly exciting and cutting edge part of weddings that should not be neglected. Many brides live through their wedding day only to realize that it was such a whirlwind experience. They never had a chance to really enjoy the day, especially after all the time and effort put into the great celebration.

Sweet Start Cinematic Films capture the speeches given by Dad, the first dance and soft glances, and the whispered vows shared between the bride and groom. This film will help brides and grooms share their special moments and new beginnings with generations to come. Seeing old faces long gone, taken by time, but still living happily in their Wedding Film.

This is more than an investment in your wedding, it is a gift for the future generations to share the experiences and see where it all began.


  Moments  captured on film

 Moments captured on film