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Sweet Start in Paradise

On July 20th, 2013, a (very) warm summer afternoon, two beautiful families became one.

Shelby & Alex joyfully recited their vows to one another beneath the shade of the tall trees in Washington Crossing Park, PA. The two gazed and giggled at each other, their love and excitement contagious throughout the ceremony.

This simple, but beautiful, wedding was so full of love and laughs that it was hard not to join in!

Soon after their ceremony and reception had ended the two were headed off to Hawai'i to live their lives in paradise on the Calvary base in Mililani, Hawai'i.

These exciting, fun and generous families are so loving and wonderful that it is clear Shelby and Alex have a lot of joy to share for the rest of their lives together.

It was such a pleasure filming for these two. Putting each piece together to tell their story was so much fun to relive again. We love how their love story came out and it really did the beautiful couple justice with their fun and joyful relationship!