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The Unplugged Wedding

"So there you are at the altar, gazing into the eyes of your beloved, saying your vows. You turn to sneak a glance at your wedding guests, all your favorite ... friends and family… and are greeted by a sea of down-turned faces staring at their LCD screens.

When your photos come back from your wedding photographer, all your guest shots include your favorite people staring at their favorite devices. People are smiling, but they're all staring at little screens".

We live in a world where technology is only a finger tap, fingerprint, or a swipe away. Most of us feel vulnerable if we walk out of a room and we do not have a device on our body, let alone leave the house without one!

But a new trend is popping up that is one of the greater movements in the wedding industry thus far: the Unplugged Wedding.

So often we find that the couples' guests are so excited for the wedding, that they take it upon themselves to capture these magical moments. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is, that perfect shot we, the filmmakers just framed, now has an extra body blocking the moment we almost captured.

Sweet Start |

Sweet Start |

It breaks our heart when our couple who has paid us for our experience and expertise to capture these moments, instead ends up with a shadow of the memory, now passed.

We love enthusiastic guests! The love and excitement just adds to the whole feel of the wedding, but sadly, sometimes the overzealous guest can hurt the memory when we cannot capture.

This is why the Unplugged Wedding is becoming an exciting new direction.

What is it?

The Unplugged Wedding is what couples are beginning to request of their guests. Simply that guests should focus on their love and live in the moment with the couple instead of trying to capture an instant.

It is so important for people to live in the moment nowadays since, a lot of the times, we are buried in our phones or computers.

Taking the time to really watch the ceremony, hear the words of the special vows, the story and the allegory prepared by the minister is simply beautiful. 

Guests should not rob themselves of the experience or beauty because they feel they have to take a picture or short film on their iPad.

Live in the moment! Leave the capturing to us, we'll let you relive it over and over again. Promise.

Lovely example helping guests live in the moment

Lovely example helping guests live in the moment