About Us

Shawn Caple

Shawn has been filming weddings (music videos, skits, love stories, you name it) for over 14 years. He has a vast knowledge of new cutting edge technology in film - from the technical body of the camera, the incredible glass (lenses), to the new and exciting creative ways wedding films are being shot and what is trending in cinematic film.

Alessandra Caple

Alessandra (aka Alex) has been learning all about behind the camera with the guidance of her husband, Shawn. With many weddings under their belt, Alex has the experience desired in a professional filmmaker.

Shawn and Alex compliment each other's styles and come together to create a High-End cinematic film.


We were engaged December 2013...and now we're MARRIED! 

We finally got MARRIED in August 2015! Our incredible Wedding film by our amazing friends at Cord 3 Films.